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Scottish Around the Corner Regions

Do you know what's Around the Corner?

No of course you don’t but you can improve your chances of making this prediction. None of us can see into the future.  Riding instinct created through time in the saddle, experience and training can help us anticipate what might be there.  

If you’re thinking of biking in Scotland, then look no further.  Police motorcyclists across the country have your safety at heart.  As well as being professional bikers, they have a wealth of local knowledge, which they want to share with you.  Through some of their favourite routes, they’ll give loads of advice, riding tips and information on local biker friendly services. 

We are here to help you get the most out of your ride-out.  The maps on our Regions page(s) can be downloaded along with in-depth descriptions that will assist even the most experienced rider.

Throughout the season our advanced bikers will be out and about on our routes giving free tips and advice. They may even have some goodies in those panniers - so don't be shy.  If you want to know more, improve your skills or even find out where the best stops are, just ASK!

To help, we will be out and about talking to you and encouraging skills development but never detracting from the enjoyment factor.  Our campaign is all about keeping you safe, enjoying Scotland’s roads and returning home at the end of the day.


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West of Scotland Map West of Scotland Text
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Lothian and Scottish Borders Map Lothian and Scottish Borders
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